About Us

How It Began

Thank you for your interest in FestivalTrek.com .   In 2007, we were using the internet to look for new festivals. We found several festival search sites, but none of them were clear enough or simple enough to be useful let alone have a large enough list. They all seemed to be geared toward promoting the festivals themselves. No wonder that there is no website broadly used for festival listings. That is when we decided to create a collaborative site aimed at delivering robust festival listings with you the festivalgoer foremost in mind. Thus was FestivalTrek.com born. 

How Does FestivalTrek.com Work?

FestivalTrek.com works in very simple. You, the festivalgoer, can
 select the date range, location and categories of festivals you are looking for. You get a clear listing of results that match your criteria. All festivals in the results are presented equally and can be resorted. No favoritism. The listings of results contain links that take you directly to the festival's website, where you get the best information. And now you can search by Zip Codes, or keywords in the festival name.

We Need Your Help!

FestivalTrek.com is a work in progress. We want to grow to include every type of gathering that might loosely be called a festival. Help by letting us use your eye and ears. If you know of events or festivals, in your area, that is not listed email us so we can work on getting it added. 

What Is A Festival Anyway?

We allow a very broad interpretation of what a festival is. In the world of FestivalTrek.com , festivals are sometimes called shows, events, fairs, workshops, parades, rodeos, conventions, concert series, demonstrations and more. Very loosely described, a festival:

·         Frequently, but NOT ALWAYS takes place out of doors

·         Often is a yearly event, sometimes bi-annual and occasionally more frequent.

·         Typically allows unlimited attendance (workshops are considered festivals).

·         Has theme activities in performance, participation, exhibition, or all three that attract people from all walks of life who have a passion for their interest.

·         Can be a one-day event or longer.


The Future

FestivalTrek.com is and always will be a work in progress. We are a collaborative that supports a growing database of festivals, front-ended with a great search capability. We are open to new ideas such as blogs, discussion groups, services exchange, performer listings, promoter services and much more. Send us your suggestions and support us with your participation. We need YOU to expand our community. 

How You Can Help

Tell all your friends. Join us. Sign up, and make sure your favorite festivals are in our database.  Look for new festivals on the web and post those too.  We are a work in progress and we need you to help us grow.  Spread the word aboutFestivalTrek.com by blogging, and tweeting on Twitter, Facebook, other discussion forums.  Share your passions.

If you have skills in technology, writing, marketing, design (or other areas) email us.  Participate with your talents. 

Send your emails to Info@FestivalTrek.com 

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